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I’m Your Hope

Sami Yusuf always inspiring me to be a better person. His song full of zeal & spirits that can help people in various condition, motivate me always.

Last month, new single of Sami Yusuf “I’m Your Hope” released by ETM International on youtube. Although its music, maybe, not so good but it’s lyric was very fascinating me. This song is dedicated to the current crisis in the Arab’s world, where youth play a major significant role to reform their country. Youth are the future for every countries in this world, and as youth, we need to do change for a better world. There’s nothing you can’t change, but the change must be start from your inner self; your spirit.The lyric also give message to the elders to appreciate and comprehend their youth lives.

One other thing that I observed from the past & current video of Sami yusuf, he always try to make his message become universal, cut cross all the borders between people in this world like races, country and faith. This is something good for unity towards a pluralistic societies. Our nashid industry (in Malaysia) also should adopt this style of delivering message to the world not only focus on our own community.

Let’s enjoy this beautiful song & video…

I Am Your Hope

You are the hope for our globe

Don’t give up nor despair
There’s nothing you can’t repair

You can change this world to a better world
With your souls, with your souls

Do not harm me, I am your truth
Do not kill me, for I’m your youth

I am your hope, I am your truth
I’m your faith, I’m your youth

Bil-qawli wal amal, Antumul amal
(With words and action, You are the hope)

Salimhum Ya Rabb, Salimhum Ya Rabb
(Grant them peace Oh Lord, grant them peace Oh Lord)

Bil-ilmi wal-qalam, Yudfa’u al-Alam
(Through knowledge and the might of the pen, Pain will be pushed aside)

La tansani ana dhamiruk, La tu’zini ana shababuk
(Don’t forget me for I’m your conscience, Don’t harm me I’m your youth)

Composed and produced by Sami Yusuf
Lyrics by Dr. Walid A. Fitaihi

Download the song for Free by visiting:


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