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What I Believe

I write this post after 1 hour I received this great book from Bro. Hilman Sheffield, hand by hand. To Bro. Hilman, jazakallahu khairan jazaa’. I don’t know why I’m really excited having this book, but what I believe this book can give me a lateral view of Dr.Tariq Ramadan‘s thought (an Islamic thinker who I want to know his thought deeply). Besides, I believe this book can help me  facing some controversial issues throughout Islamic-western world and clash between both civilization.

What I Believe as stated in its introduction is a work of clarification for Ramadan’s thought, his ideas and opinion. “What I Believe” discuss some controversial issues like woman’s right in Islam, challenges for Muslim in the Western world and how they can adopted Islamic value into their western community. Also teach us how to deal with crisis between western and Islamic. After all, those thing still a preface for me, I think its not fair to judge the book without finish reading the book.

I like reading Tariq Ramadan’s writing and knowing his opinion. For me his thought can build a Bridge of Humanity between different people with their different faith as he always stated during his lectures, Islam is Peace. Peace is a common desire among us, so let’s make peace as our vision at the same time we also bringing Islam into our community.


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3 thoughts on “What I Believe

  1. levelsofillusion on said:

    Who said anything about opinion?

    …”so let’s make peace as our vision at the same time we also bringing Islam into our community.”…

    That’s not opinion, that’s a particular culture making a move. A particular death denial scheme attempting to ever so slightly rebrand itself by drawing attention to its “non-exclude the nonbeliever” happy face. It’s still paranormal belief.
    Unless you are of the “opinion” that belief in flying horses, people coming back from the dead and leprechauns is just…. opinion?

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