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In the Mood of Maulidul Rasul

الصُّبْحُ بدَا مِنْ طَلْعَتِهِ  #  والليلُ دجا من وفرتهِ

فاقَ الرُّسلا فضلاً وعلا  #  أَهْدَى السُّبُلاَ لِدَلالَتِهِ

كَنْزُ الْكَرَمِ مُوْلِي النِّعَمِ  #  هادي الأممِ لشريعتهِ

أذكى النسبِ أعلى الحسبِ  #  كُلُّ العَرَبِ في خِدمَتِه

سَعَتِ الشَّجَرُ نَطَقَ الحَجَرُ  #  شُقّ القَمَرُ بِإِشَارتِهِ

جِبْرِيلُ أَتَى لَيْلَة َ أَسْرَى  #  والرَّبُ دعاهُ لحضرتهِ

نالَ الشَّرَفَا والله عَفَا  #  عما سلفا من أمتهِ

فمحمدنا هوَ سيدنا  #  فالعِزُّ لَنا لإِجَابتِهِ

The light of the dawn is from the radiance of Your Blessed Face
And the sparkle of the night is from the glimmer of Your Blessed Hair

Our Master is the treasure of grace, He is a treasure of mercy
He is the guide of the entire Nation, showing us the way of the Sacred Law

On the command of your Blessed finger the tree began to walk
Embraced in your hand the stones began to speak
Upon one gesture of Your blessed finger the moon was split in two

On the night of the Ascension, Hazrat Jibril came with glad tidings
Your Lord invites you to the heavens, bestowing upon You the honour of intimacy

the honour  is coming and Allah give His forgiveness

Therefore You are our benefactor, You are our leader
You are the cause of our dignity and preservation

**some people said this poem wrote by Hazrat Hasan Bin Thabit (may Allah bless him), one of the Prophet Muhammad’s companion.

** I didn’t find the translation for the no.7

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