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Mufti Haji Wan Muhammad @ Ahmad

Mufti al-Hajj Wan Ahmad@Muhammad Al-Kelantani

Shaykh Wan Ahmad @ Muhammad was born on Friday, 5 Rajab 1287 A.H / 1868 A.C at Jalan Tok Semian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  He was a charismatic Islamic scholar at his time and also can be considered as a politician with his involvement in the state administration.  He was the elder one in his family and his father, Tuan Tabal was also an Islamic scholar and a master in ilm fiqh, tauhid and tasawuf, thus he began his scholarly career at home.  He had been travelled by his father to Mecca at the age of 11 on 1298 A.H. to study with Islamic scholar at Mecca. He was a student to Shaykh Wan Ali Kutan (r.h) a Malay-Islamic scholar who stayed at Mecca for his entire life and he also studied with other Islamic scholar at Masjidil Haram,Mecca.  During his life at Mecca, Shaykh Wan Ahmad was studied a martial art with Mr.Kasim Betawi. He was also a friend to Tok Kenali, other Kelantenese-Islamic scholar during his studies at Mecca.

After he coming back to his homeland from his studies at Mecca, he became a teacher at his father’s madrasah, teaching people the religion knowledge especially Ulum-ul-Qur’an. Then, he was being appointed as an Imam at the Central Mosque, Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu by HH Sultan Mansor on 15 Jumad-al-Akhir 1314 A.H.  He also became a religion teacher to the royal family, he was a teacher to Sultan Ismail and Sultan Ibrahim (both become the Sultan for the State of Kelantan). On 7th December 1915 A.C , he was being appointed as the member of the State Religion Council ( Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan) and a year later he became Grand Qadhi or Hakim for the Shari’ah Courts. At the same time he was also being appointed as a Grand Mufti for the Kelantan State on 1916 A.C. as he replaced his brother  Shaykh Hajj Wan Musa, the 3rd Mufti of Kelantan who was the previous mufti.

Shaykh Wan Ahmad not only involve in the religion field, he also a member of the State Executive Council. During his service as the executive members, he suggested the name “Darul Naim” as a nickname for the State of Kelantan. Until now, Kelantan always referred as Kelantan Darul Naim. He held many position in the state government, because of his ability and knowledge he was being appointed as a Chief for Islamic Scholar Department of The State Religion Council. As his good service for the government and held many great position on the state administration, he was being honored by HH Sultan of Kelantan with a royal award, Bintang Seri Mahkota as he was the first Mufti/Islamic Scholar being granted with that award.

During his life, he was married with 4 wives and has 12 children.  His character shows that he was a person who combines the Religion and Politics together just like the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) who was a prophet and also a politician. This great and noble Islamic scholar died on 6th December 1920 A.C./ 25 Rabi’-ul-Awal 1339 A.H. at the age of 51 years old and had been buried at Kampung Banggol, Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim, Malaysia.


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