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Ramadan Al-Mubarak !

اهلا رمضان

Alhamdulillah….today ( 20 August 2009/29 Shaaban 1430 ) where the Ru’yatul Hilal or Moonsighting performed in Malaysia and the result is Muslim in Malaysia will be fasting on Saturday, 22 August 2009. That result due to invisibility of Hilal at Malaysia thus the authority decide to follow hisab or calculation of Hijri Calendar. Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said :

” Fasting when you see the Hilal and celebrate the Eid when see the Hilal, if you do not see the Hilal ( hilal is invisible at your place ) you have to complete the 30 days of Shaaban “

Hilal is quite difficult to see in the country like Malaysia which have cloudy sky that will prevent the observer from seeing the Hilal. So that, Malaysia always have 30 days of Shaaban and also Ramadan. It’s rarely or it could be say that you are lucky if you find 29 days of Shaaban or Ramadhan, but this year Insha Allah Malaysia will have 29 days of Ramadan. Yeah !!! we will celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr earlier than past year ( that sounds stupid ! ).

With the blessing month of Ramadan just coming to us, let us improve ourselves performing the ‘ibadah during Ramadan and pray to Allah for the sake of forgiveness and ‘itqun mina Narr (freedom from the Hell Fire). Our prophet, Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam encourage us to pray with the Dua’ below :


May Allah will grant us His bountiful of rahmah and maghfirah or blessing and forgiveness !  Happy Ramadan to all my brothers and sisters in Islam !


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